Environmental Test and Balance

RSAnalysis, Inc. is an AABC certified environmental test and balance company providing comprehensive services for a diverse range of facilities, including hospitals, schools, laboratories, and commercial buildings. Whether you are installing a new system or are interested in improving the efficiency of an existing system, we will ensure that your equipment performs as intended and operates at optimum levels.

  • Benefits of Certified Test and Balance

    • Lower energy consumption
    • Enhanced indoor air quality
    • Improved occupant comfort
    • Increased employee productivity
    • Reduced maintenance costs
  • RSA Team Performance

    From the most experienced test and balance engineer to the most junior office staff member, each member of the RSA team is a highly trained, skilled, and motivated professional. Together, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of environmental test and balance services. Learn more about our HVAC test and balance company.

  • Total System Balancing

    The Total System Balance (TSB) process begins at plan review and includes creating a specific project agenda, performing site inspections, and completing all required testing included in the project specifications. The pre-planned fieldwork involves testing and balancing the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, sub-systems, and specialty systems to ensure specified design criteria is attained and optimum final results are achieved within the limits of the installed components. The result is a comprehensive test and balance report reflecting systems that operate at maximum efficiency and performance, which helps to control energy costs and improve comfort levels.

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    Industry Partners

    Since 1997 RSAnalysis has been providing specialized performance testing and balancing of HVAC systems and components. With the formalization of the commissioning process, we felt it necessary to provide complete commissioning services to the industry by personnel strictly dedicated to this process. In 2009 RSACx Commissioning and Energy Solutions was formed with the same ideals and dedication to the industry that provide the foundation for RSAnalysis.